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Our association, as many of you already know, was established in 2005 with the aim of restoring and preserving the original features of our shepherd dog. Our main objective was to create a sort of identity card for the Abruzzese shepherd dog which we hoped would be confirmed by the Ente Nazionale per la Cinofilia Italiana. An enormous and meticulous job has been done in collaboration with experts representing the latter, by producing more than three hundred cards with photographs and biometric verification of as many dogs, working in farms in four provinces of our Region. As a result of such a complex operation, Prof. Mario Quadri, in collaboration with judge Cav. Luigi Gaboardi and the present writer, have written a detailed report drafting an ah hoc standard, depositing  everything in the E.N.C.I competent offices, where this complex material still can be found.
Both the apparent abandonment of the above mentioned authority of this joint initiative and the major earthquake that hit this regional capital and especially its inhabitants have strongly influenced our business and the continuation of our aim. Discouraged and burdened with more important needs, our dog projects were going to be abandoned. However, the meritorious work carried out till then made sure that our cooperation was asked for, and did not exempt us from continuing. Having, at the time, created the necessary conditions, we therefore went back to trying to do our best. Relegating, for the time being, the eventual breed recognition to second
place, we decided to give a predominantly scientific imprint to our activities, dealing, through expert collaboration, on ethological studies and DNA findings, for those who request the supply of dogs or packs of dogs fit for the protection of sheep herds. Therefore our results will talk on our behalf. Far from dog exhibition and commercial disputes, we will be available to those who will demand our experience and collaboration. In the restyling of our web site you will be able to learn about all the upcoming activities whilst being able to freely interact and collaborate.

Paolo Cacciatori, a dear antiexplosive dog trainer and colleague, back in 1989 told me,
“the more you learn to love dogs, the more you lose respect for people”.
It is a concept which may or may not be shared and I would personally prefer that through the
love for dogs, one would learn how to respect people.

Il Presidente
Freddy Barbarossa