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To mitigate the damages procured by wolves on zootechnics, the Centre for the Study and Documentation on the Wolf in Florence between 2008 and 2010, some projects were started in Tuscany, funded by the public administration.
In particular the projects have involved the provincial administration of Florence and Pistoia and the APA (Provincial Breeders Associations) of Florence, Prato and Pistoia, whilst in 2011 the project should be extended to the province of Pisa. The D.E.I.S.T.A.F.  of the University of Florence (Prof. Sorbetti Guerri) collaborates with the project for the analysis of the effectiveness of the interventions. The projects include the implementation of measures to prevent damages by constructing electric fences, supply electronic means of deterrence and deploy the guardian dogs selected according to aptitude, provided by the Abruzzese Shepherd dog Association of Castel del Monte, which has organized specific technical formative meetings for the breeders who have adopted the dogs. The Association also ensures its availability for advice on behavioural problems of the dogs in their process of integration into the herd. In particular, as regards the dogs, five pairs of Abruzzese working shepherd dogs were given to sheep farmers in Montagna Pistoiese, Empolese-Valdelsa and Valdarno. The success that these dogs are having with the operators, both in terms of defence of the herd and of limited aggression towards people, indicate the distribution of other pairs of dogs in the near future, which without any doubt represent one of the most effective and economical solutions sustainable for the animal agriculture in Tuscany.


Dr. Duccio Berzi
C.S.D.L. Centre for the study and documentation about the wolf